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Best Oshawa concrete contractorConcrete is one of the most used materials in construction. It builds walls, floors, sidewalks, driveways, and even foundations for the buildings that we work, live or play in. Due to its importance, concrete requires expertise when it comes to installing, maintaining, or repairing it.

With JH Concrete Pros, you can get excellent services from a professional organization that has been in this industry for a long time.

About Our Concrete Company

Over the years, our experts have undertaken all kinds of concrete works. Contact us to see how our concrete company can help you with your next project. With years of experience serving homeowners and businesses in the Oshawa, and Greater Toronto Area, we have built a reputation for delivering quality concrete services at affordable prices. Providing value to clients is our top priority, so we will work closely with you to meet all your needs to the utmost satisfaction.

We serve all of the and Durham Region, which includes Oshawa, Whitby, Pickering, Ajax, Clarington, Uxbridge, Scugog, Brock, all the Greater Toronto Area (GTA)  and the surrounding areas.

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    Our Concrete Services

    We strive to be the most comprehensive concrete contractors Oshawa residents could ask for by offering a wide range of services. For more information on the types of projects we can help you with, read on or call us at your convenience.

    High quality finish Stamped Concrete in Oshawa

    Stamped Concrete

    Do you want paved surfaces that look like slate, brick, or flagstone? Stamped concrete mimics such finishes at a much cheaper cost. It is a fantastic choice for driveways, terraces, patios, pool decks, and interior flooring.

    Stamps are usually pushed onto wet concrete and removed, leaving behind a decorative imprint. Because of the endless patterns, one can add to a wet concrete mix using this method, it is also possible to choose a design that closely imitates interlocking paving blocks.

    polishing concrete floor by JH concrete pros

    Stained, Polished & Coloured Concrete Flooring

    Coloured concrete is an excellent choice for those who don’t want the standard gray utilitarian look that makes cement unattractive as a flooring material. There are a variety of ways to achieve different shades, with the most common being adding pigment dyes during the mixing process.

    Alternatively, go for that classic designer home look by opting to acid-stain and polish interior floors. With this process, it is possible to mimic veined natural stone and transform existing paved surfaces to look spectacular.​

    Laying concrete paving slabs in front of house courtyard driveway patio by our Oshawa team

    Concrete Driveway

    A concrete driveway can increase your property’s resale value because it can last for years without incurring high upkeep costs. It is also the first thing that people will see when pulling over next to your home or business establishment. Therefore, you may want to make it more appealing to boost your property’s curb appeal.

    We can install stamped concrete driveways for your home or business to offer a paved surface that is both durable and aesthetically-pleasing.

    Sidewalks and curbs concrete paver bricks

    Concrete Sidewalk and Curb

    Curbs separate your parking lot and sidewalks from landscaped spaces. Whether you want flat, raised, or block style pavements, our experts will bring your ideas to life. We can also help you to pave the footpaths around your property using concrete and a wide range of attractive finishes of your choosing.

    patio area in a comfortable backyard concrete floor

    Concrete Patio

    If you are the kind of person that loves to entertain guests, a concrete patio can host gatherings outdoors. It is also a long-lasting choice that will survive harsh weather. What’s more, you will have plenty of decorative options to choose from by opting to cement your terrace. Our concrete contractors can help you create an inviting outdoor seating area adorned with acid stained decor, lovely stamped textures, or a bright colored finish.

    Worker laying red concrete paving blocks in Oshawa


    You may have seen pavers on driveways, parking lots, road carriageways, or within landscaped compounds. These units come in different thicknesses and strengths, depending on the anticipated amount of traffic. Construction involves mixing cement, water, and aggregate materials like gravel, sand, limestone or stone ash before finally applying pressure compression and vibration to create strong, compact blocks that are devoid of air pockets.

    ​Besides the applications mentioned above, precast concrete blocks have many other uses. They make excellent paving stones for sidewalks, patios, and concrete steps for entryways. What’s more, concrete pavers are attractive decorative edging materials when placed around trees, shrubs, and gardens. Moreover, you can use these blocks to create a retaining wall for raised flowerbeds.

    cracked road concrete needs to be fixed

    Concrete Repairs

    Cemented features wear out with time, which means that there are quite several repairs that you may need to perform around your home or business. Some damage may be merely cosmetic, while other issues may pose more serious structural problems.

    Our concrete foundation contractors have seen it all when it comes to fixing all kinds of complex problems. From insufficient soil structure to poor construction, we’ll address the root cause of the problem and find a permanent fix for your property.

    If you need help with concrete crack repair and any other minor damage, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. No job is too small for us. Through concrete resurfacing, we’ll repair spalling damage and cosmetic cracks by applying thin overlays that will leave your old floors and paved surfaces looking as good as new.

    Worker doing a concrete maintenance for durable coat in Oshawa

    Concrete Maintenance

    ​The best way to keep concrete from developing damage that requires repairs is to slow down the natural wear and tear through scheduled maintenance. There are several types of coatings that protect paved surfaces from deterioration.

    With epoxy sealers, colorful floors can maintain their shine for longer and receive a durable coat that is resistant to chemicals and scratches. There are also acrylic sealers with matte and glossy effects, which work for both interior and exterior surfaces. Additionally, polyurethane coatings tend to be thicker and more durable than ordinary sealers, which make them ideal for high traffic areas.

    For concrete services described above and more, you can count on us to deliver quality craftsmanship regardless of the size of your project. Our contractors have been working in this field for years, so you can rest assured that professionals will address your needs. Contact us for a free estimate today, and have your construction project, repairs, or maintenance jobs handled by the best concrete contractors Oshawa has to offer.

    Learn more about our concrete work

    If you are looking for the best concrete contractors Oshawa has to offer, make sure to select a company that handles all projects with a maximum level of care. After all, paved surfaces are not cheap installations, so you want to avoid shoddy craftsmanship that will cost you more in corrective repairs. Our extensive concrete services aim at bringing you the results that you desire by getting the job right the first time. Whether big or small, any project will go through several stages before completion. In a nutshell, concrete installation, repair, or maintenance is a cycle that involves the following steps.

    1. Site Preparation
    Preparing the project site is one of the most important steps when working with concrete. For instance, if the task at hand is to pave a new driveway, sidewalk, or patio, it will be necessary to first of all clear any bushes and rocks. After that, the ground will require grading to provide a flat surface to work on, followed by spreading the base with a coarse aggregate material.

    Already existing concrete also requires preparations before carrying out any repair or maintenance work. The first step is removing debris that may inhibit overlays or decorative concrete finishes from bonding properly. That may be followed by filling of cracks and roughening the old base to improve grip.

    Larger projects like building a concrete foundation require more pre-work such as soil excavation, installing footings, erecting stem walls, tying rebar, and backfilling.

    Whatever preliminary steps are required, we take no shortcuts. Some commercial contractors leave site prep to the property owner, but we prefer to do this with you so that nothing will go overlooked. We thoroughly conduct site preparation to ensure that your concrete installations will continue to serve the intended purpose without failing prematurely.

    2. Formwork
    The beauty of concrete is that it can take any shape. Formwork makes this possible by playing a very critical role. It comprises of wooden, metallic, or plastic frames that hold wet concrete in place as it dries and cures.
    Permanent formwork remains in place, whereas contractors remove temporary concrete placements and hold once a poured slab sets.

    3. Concrete Installation
    After completing all the necessary site preparation, concrete placement is the next step that follows. When working with precast blocks, all that is required is to place pavers on the prepared ground.

    For fresh slabs, concrete workers mix the mold on-site and pour it into the formwork. Crews spread and screed the wet mold using shovels, rakes, and straightedge tools. Our skilled foremen inspect the mixing ratio and check to ensure that the slab being poured reaches the correct depth and pitch. After leveling the concrete, the surface is made smooth using either hand trowels, handheld bull floats, or powered tools. The final step of placing concrete is to chamfer or press the edges to prevent them from chipping.

    4. Finishing
    You can choose concrete finishes that either enhance looks or add more functionality. For instance, dyes, acid stains, or textured stamps are some of the options for embellishing cement. On the other hand, functional choices focus on addressing issues of safety and performance. A good example is to finish pool decks with concrete pavers or broom finished surfaces since such choices have natural grit that makes them slip-resistant. At JH Concrete Pros, we offer a wide range of concrete finishing options to help you strike that delicate balance between form and function.